The Brand 

Delta Powerboats is Scandinavia’s fastest growing motorboat brand. Since 2003 the company has developed innovative boats at a fast pace. Delta’s goal is to be a leader in boat design, innovation and sustainability.

With an equally passionate interest in maritime and archipelago as technological development, Delta has rapidly become synonymous with well-built, seaworthy and operating economic boats.

Delta Powerboats is run by Swedes Lennart Alpstål, Lars Modin and Karl Wessel. As a small, entrepreneurial company with a responsive relationship with their customers Delta evolves quickly. Around 300 boats, divided into ten different models from 25 to 88 feet, delivered during its first ten years. Eight of these models are in production today.

The characteristic smoothness, the industry-leading fuel economy, the functional and timeless design are the hallmark characteristics of the Delta that can be traced back to the very first 25-footer when it was introduced.

Delta Powerboats makes boats for those who seek a good balance between form and function, between new technology and meticulous craftsmanship, between performance and environmental stewardship. For those who want a boat that can be trusted in any weather, for many years to come.



Participating boats are often acclaimed for their design; The graphic silhouette of the turquoise windshield, the stylish interior and the carefully chosen details. But there is something else, something you do not immediately notice, which makes boats truly unique.

In Delta’s factory in Saaremaa off the coast of Estonia are working over a hundred carpenters, fitters, product developers and plastic workers. The ISO certified factory, which also produced Arcona yachts, has one of the most modern machinery.

At a time when many manufacturers are competing for the most cost- and time-efficient methods to produce boats, we decided to go in the opposite direction. We are building boats here, based on the philosophy that a good boat will take time, it’s the details that make a difference. The legacy of many years of sailboat manufacturing is clear.

Today, the facility has the capacity to build yachts up to 100 feet. But as the Delta grows, so does the factory.


Diab Core Infusion Technology

With the Delta 40 WA, Delta was the first among motorboat manufacturer with Diab Core Infusion Technology, vaccum injected vinylester hull. One method that is currently used in all Delta models. Vacuum injection takes place in a closed process and therefore minimize toxic emissions and provide a better work environment compared to other methods.

With the Delta 54 IPS, launched in 2010, Delta started a complete new field and were the first ones the start a mass production of a boat entirely made of carbon fiber, the lightest and strongest building material available.


Delivery control

Delta Powerboats has developed a proprietary delivery control. As each Delta and its components are built by hand, every Delta gets tested and inspected carefully before delivery to the client. 

At the factory there is a 15-meter pool and a 30-meter pool. Here the boats are launched, started and checked at the factory according to a detailed protocol.

After start-up and test run of every single feature on the boat, a sea trial will be carried out for fine tuning.
When the sea trial and control has been carried out, it´s time for the maiden voyage to Sweden. Each Delta runs, under its own power, the 190 nautical miles from the island of Saaremaa to Delta´s service facility in Djurö in the Stockholm archipelago. There the last quality check prior to the delivery of the boat will be carried out.